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Ronson Powers Unite!

These days we all know the last name Ronson draws a crowd, though sometimes an unwanted paparazzi-type one. But not today, at least for the most part. Though there was some serious seating drama for a hot second, everything got figured out and Charlotte sent her clothes down the runway to tunes compiled by her twin sister. Brother Mark, Byrdie Bell, Becka Diamond, Russell Simmons and his nieces Angela and Vanessa, Joe Zee, Brooklyn Decker, Tinsley Mortimer (in I Heart Ronson from JCPenney), and Olivier Zahm took it all in from the front row. The consensus in our section, and from many others we overheard while squeezing ourselves out the door, was that this was by far Charlotte's best collection. There were "Let's Get Physical" braided headbands, thigh-length leggings/tights with well-placed runs, tons of the shorts (in leather and jersey) that the designer herself so often wears, and an army jacket/anorak that I must have if it kills me. Plus, lots of one-shouldered action. It's all happening on that front, people. Embrace it.

The prize for cutest thing in the show goes to Annabelle Dexter-Jones, who just proves that little sisters are always a bit shy in the shadow of their big sisters, no matter how famous their family. The crowd erupted when she walked out in her all black ensemble, only to make her blush and cringe just a little, in the sweetest way. I love my Karlies and my Enikos, but I also love someone who kinda reminds me of a regular girl on the runway. I may not have an older sister, but if I did, I know for certain I would have been a total a-hole in that situation, even if I'd walked that strip before. Falling would certainly have been involved. Trust.

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