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Roxy Goes to Colette

Two things that don't immediately spring to mind when I think of Colette are the Steve Miller Band and Roxy. And yet, here they are all kinds of co-mingling and whatnot in the form of Roxy Heart. Roxy Heart was created by artist and designer Valérie Thevenot as a fashion extension of the much beloved surf and snow brand that would each season partner with a different artist, designers, or musician. And now it's hit the big time: selling at Colette. The second collaboration, with London artist Zakee Shariff, is the first to launch at the famed Parisian boutique. Zakee is mostly known for her drawings and prints, but we have to say from the bits we've seen, she's doing quite well on the clothing front too.

So where does Steve Miller factor in, you ask? Well, "Fly Like an Eagle" just happens to be one of the inspirations for the capsule collection. "Ultimately the song evokes the essence of what I feel represents myself and how I feel the world needs to change," says Zakee. "The collection talks about my love of nature, and of doing right in the world. I like the feeling of freedom that it gives me which together with helping the world is an ongoing theme of mine...and that is what I have tried to bring to the prints and the garments." The collection contains a range of separates, denim, and even footwear. Sadly, it's only available in upscale European boutiques at the moment, but there's a chance that will change in the future. We can't wait to hear who they're partnering with next. Oh, and if you pop into Colette, let us know how the rest of the pieces look.

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