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So Sui Me

The Anna Sui show is always a party. But this season, for some reason, lacked a certain spunk (and we don’t just mean the confusing empty boxes inside the gift bags). It had all the good models (though it missed Agyness), the brightly colored embroidery, the youthful influence, and a party soundtrack, but it was, as the person next to me said, “all over the place.” Her backdrop featured circus tents and if my Twitter icon hadn’t suddenly disappeared off the face of my iPhone, I’d have tweeted three’s a trend. The circus was nowhere to be found in Sui’s clothes though, instead there were a handful of hippie references and school girl looks we’d guess we’re inspired by her Gossip Girl inspired Target collection - if that isn’t too confusing. And yes, we know ideas get recycled from season to season and that Marc’s own collection screamed “Rei,” but I swear those metallic dresses were in Bleecker’s Marc by Marc window last spring.

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