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Spotted at Max Azria

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1. Mickey Rourke, sipping on a Diet Coke and being swarmed by the press. The Wrestler was really, really good and I'm so glad he got his career back, but I still don't get why he keeps popping up at fashion events. Also, I wish he was still super hot—like 9 1/2 Weeks hot. 2. Kelly Rowland and Tinsley were like fast front row friends. What were they talking about? Beyoncé's embarrassment over that idiotic Kanye incident? European royalty and how to marry a prince? Career advice? 3. Gold medal gymnast Nastia Liukin being awkwardly ignored by most of the media while fidgeting in her front row seat. Does our country really care more about the Tinz than a world class athlete? Not that I really care what Nastia has to say about clothes...but it's still kind of a sad state of affairs. 4. Lucy Liu, who I hope will get a new project soon so that I can finally cleanse my palette of that hideous Cashmere Mafia. Because I used to really like Lucy Liu. 5. Lots of neutrals and black. Lots of cut-outs. Lots of slashes in dresses. Lots of skin showing in patches. Lots of reasons for me to motivate to get to Bikram.

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