Sweet Kisses From Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

As I walked up to the Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti last night, I saw a mob of people across the street, lined up for something. It was the ew-inducing Coco Perez launch party. Hmmm, I guess Perez forgot to invite all the fashion blogs he uses as, ahem, source material—not that we would ever attend anyway. Luckily, once I dashed inside the presentation, I was greeted with champagne, caviar, and yummy steak hors d'oeuvres. And just about some of the most delicious dresses I've seen all week. Printed and appliqued in girly sherbet shades, along with reds and pinks, were lips, eyes and butterflies. But it wasn't precious at all...still totally cool girl. And the shoes! Heeled multi-colored lace up oxfords that made me swoon. It was the most perfectly delightful way to end my day. Much thanks, Mrs. Ferretti. Nothing this pretty and cool was happening across the street. Of this, I'm certain.

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