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Tennis, Anyone? Yes, Says Lacoste

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I love a little WASP-y, sporty, country club chic to start off my day, kinda like Breakfast at Wimbledon. And really who does that better than Lacoste? And apparently so does Mischa Barton? Or the more likely reason for her front row seat...promoting The Beautiful Life. That Corbin Blue guy from the show, and High School Musical fame, was next to her as she texted her way through at least half of the show. Unfortunately she missed out on some crisp pieces from Christophe Lemaire. The show kicked off with a bunch of modern tennis whites, not with background music but instead that signature pop of a racquet hitting a ball just right and the now ever-present grunts of the players. Color like turquoise in pops started to be mixed in, and there were some hats that felt very 1920s Roland-Garros that I rather enjoyed. But my favorite pieces, I guess you'd call apres-match: wide-leg white pants, thin sweaters for the men, head wraps and long skirts, and shoes with the backs cut-out (not the first time we've seen that this week!) Every single model came out for the finale (without missing a beat) in a brand new bright yellow outfit to a remix of "I'm a Believer". Sunny, happy people. I was all ready to head out to Flushing Meadow and start hitting some balls.

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