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The Other Football at Y-3

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If Alexander Wang's the Superbowl, I guess that makes Yohji Yamamoto the World Cup. This season's Y-3 extravaganza was all about soccer -- which sadly seems to be going the way of "fetch" in the States as hard as people are trying to make it happen. They even dropped a net at the end of the show so Yohji and superstar players Zinedine Zidane tried to score. Y-3 on the other is always happening. The darling of Fashion Week, Tavi, was there along with somewhat random mix of Rufus Wainwright, Perry Farrell, Russell Simmons and Diggy(!), and Lupe Fiasco. And Jesus [Luz] Walked -- everyone's favorite joke of the day. And we didn't even know then that Kanye was going to make an ass out of himself mere hours later. As for the clothes, I was especially digging the little jackets and the voluminious tops that looked so incredibly soft and comfortable but still totally chic. Every season it's fun to anticipate what kind of major production you're going to see at the show. And while it wasn't as out there as the ice, I must say as an obsessive sports fan, I was totally down. I'm loving all this jock action, even though I had to miss opening day in the NFL to see it. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JEREMY KOST

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