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Things I Learned at DvF

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1. Security guards at the tents are meaner than ever this season. 2. This season's cadre of Diane admirers included Blake Lively, Tina Brown, Candice Bergen, and every editor on the planet. 3. Diane needs a bigger venue and I have some serious personal space issues. 4. Safari prints and crochet will be worn this spring by many, many twenty-something girls investing in perhaps their first pieces by a proper designer. 5. DvF's grandkids are ridiculously cute (seated between both their parents) and jumped up to give her a hug and flowers as she made her walk. I am dying to know what they call her, because you know it's not Grandma. 6. My runway pictures were not so good—get thee to to see the clothes, but click through to see the models play with their hair for Jeremy. -- PHOTOGRAPHY BY JEREMY KOST

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