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True Life: I Snuck Into Narciso

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Britt sent me to Tibi last night, while she took her seat at the big tent next door for Narciso. But then I snuck in and got a better seat than her. Thanks to my new photographer friends I sat in the pit, teared up over Anne V., met Narciso and had the greatest night of my life. So there I was, face-to-face with Narciso Rodriguez's SS10 collection. It was half classic Narciso and half total departure. There were cutouts and zippers, but there was also air; his spectacular finale dresses in grey, white and black billowed away from the body. He built cocoons over the models' legs and though everything was feminine and sexy it was indisputably strong. He repeated exaggerated hips and bell silhouettes, the latter best executed on Anne V's mud cloth coat. It's like he used the strong silhouette as a shell to keep the wearer fashionably safe. Post-show, Freja said she was terrified she'd trip and fall on her dress' long train (though of course she walked seamlessly) and if I hadn't ended up talking to Narciso that would've been the highlight of my day. But then I somehow fell into line between Simon Doonan and Emmy Rossum to congratulate the designer. Simon told me "ladies first" and shooed me over to Narciso who hugged me and said, "Thank you." And then I called my mom and cried.

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