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Vena Cava: Worth the Confusion

At yesterday's Vena Cava production, no one quite knew whether they were at a show or presentation. There were no seating assignments, but there was a runway. Ladders perched in the middle of said runway, but lights went down and there was a start and finish. It ended up being a bit of both, set to The Fiery Furnaces and starring some of Sophie and Lisa's classics. We spotted cut out triangles, zip fronts and sheer dresses in the best prints; a gorgeous dove grey gown and safety pin patterns; cummerbund belts and fishnet knit layers. We also spotted GAP's Patrick Robinson chatting with Nicole Phelps in the pit and Sally Singer maneuvering through the crowd for a semi-decent seat. Like three people said in the space of the hour, "Those girls just keep getting better and better."

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