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When Anna Met Alexa

The second biggest talking point of London Fashion Week, post-Fast, appears to be this picture of Anna Wintour and Alexa Chung front row at Twenty8Twelve. I was sitting there, staring at the back of Anna's head and wondering how her hair stays so strangely perfect, when Alexa and Pixie Geldof walked in. Anna kept her head down and sunglasses on as the PR tried to sit the it-girl duo next to her. Alexa pushed Pixie, Pixie pushed Alexa, someone even pointed at Anna until finally Alexa got stuck sitting next to her and Pixie moved closer to a red-headed Peaches. I would have loved to see what happened if Anna had to sit next to a platinum, dirty-haired, ripped tights-wearing Geldof, but she graciously looked up at Alexa, shook her hand and laughed. So I think that face she's making has more to do with the clothes than Alexa (after all she is this month's Vogue it-girl), because while I loved all the denim and corsets and rompers and boyfriend shirts (and Alice Dellal's full head of hair), the collection didn't exactly scream Vogue.

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