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Who Doesn't Love Zac?

Marc has instilled such fear in me that I still insist on being punctual to shows even though I always (90% of the time) end up waiting 45 minutes. So with coffee in hand I sat and watched Mark Ronson DJ for a good fifteen minutes until Rachel Zoe arrived and I could stare at her equally gorgeous nude Alaia wedges. Then I pondered Anna Wintour's security guard. Has she always had him? Does she need him now that's she's a movie star? Was it for the mega necklace she was wearing over her beige dress? Bee sat next to her and I wanted to ask if she made it home with as much random candy as a I did post-Courtney Love. Olivier Zahm ended up on the floor next to Genevieve Jones, but after last night's debaucherous Purple party I'm kind of impressed he made it at all. We sat on pink chairs, like last season's LV shows, in a salon set up while the models walked down a plush pink carpet. A retro, sexy stewardess look kicked everything off - including see-through plastic trenches and maribou furs before Zac went for disco with long pleated dresses and vibrant prints. Rachel Zoe was on, "I die" repeat in my head. That J. Alexander was backstage instructing the girls was clear - they pranced down the carpet with hands in the air stopping and twirling twice before hitting the pit. It was the best Monday morning I've ever had.

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