A Notch in our Belts

I am a self-professed jean addict. My closet is literally 40% denim. And I like to think I'm pretty well-versed in all my brands, etc, etc. But this week I learned of one I'd not heard of before called Blue Notch. And it's incredibly cool. While they did indeed give me a pair in a dark wash boot-cut, I assure you my love was not bought. The stuff is really good. I literally wanted to wear the jeans out of the showroom. The line is about a year old and designed by a husband and wife team--actually "Notch" part of the name is their initials, like NO+CH, which I find adorable. But back to the clothes, it's seriously high-grade, crazy soft Japanese denim and actually comes from the same mill where Balenciaga and Chanel get theirs. But the prices are way more reasonable, with basic styles costing around $180.

My biggest love though comes from the Spring 2010 collection: a frayed and sliced up style with sequin leggings underneath. It's got that urban warrior vibe with just a touch of glam, and the sequin are matte so there's nothing over-the-top about them. The rest of the spring pieces also make really nice use of hardware in subtle ways and there's a jumper that is definitely calling my name. Just another reason or three to dream of having a separate "denim" closet in my apartment.

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