All Eyes On Cacharel

Major American editors turned out for the Cacharel show. From Vogue to Elle to Marie Claire, they were all there, front and center. As I spoke to the editor to my right, we both echoed each other's curiosity of what we might see coming down the runway. Then, I remembered that this is the first collection from new Creative Director Cédric Charlier, who worked under Alber at Lanvin for 6 years. And suddenly all the renewed interest made a lot more sense. The atmosphere in the room led you to believe that what was going to come out on the catwalk would be some highly dramatic. The lighting said drama, the giant wall sculpture background that looked like crinkled-up paper said drama, even the major width and curved entrance to the runway screamed drama. What came out was unexpectedly light and breezy. There was lots of white, loads of cotton in the form of dresses and skirts, monotone looks and at times asymmetry in hemlines. The pieces that really stood out were the dresses, and a multi-color watercolor fabric trench. Up-close, the detail of the color and the paint-like effect was incredibly delicate and pretty. As for the drama? That was definitely saved for mama. —REBECCA SUHRAWARDI AUSTIN

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