Andrew Gn's Cocktail Finery

The big question at Andrew Gn was: how on earth do you pronounce his last name? I asked a bunch of people because I've never been sure myself and no one seemed to have the answer. Maybe one of you fashionista sartorial scholars can help me out on this one? The show was small and held in the same place where Rick Owens always shows. Though there were some major editors in attendance like Hamish (who was rocking the moustache and a giant, pink, shimmering leather tote) and Sally Singer. The collection was far more easy to decipher than the designer's last name. It was cocktail, it was evening, it was flowy. It was tight, at times black and white, and there were a lot of bows. There were some nice jewel tones in teals, purples and pinks and a lone pair of chocolate brown shorts. Nothing that will make your heart stop (well, with the exception of one long, blue mermaid gown that really stood out), but it mostly seemed like stuff that would be perfect for a black tie or cocktail party where you want to look good but not steal the show.


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