Bernard Willhelm's Frocks & Foliage

It was difficult to tell what was going on at Bernard Willhelm, but there was a lot of greenery. He used oak leaf headpieces, habanero pepper necklaces, baby onion wreaths woven through his models' hair, goldenrod millinery--the list goes on and on; it was more than a little distracting. Between the vibrancy of the neo-hippie clothes and the vegetarian theme, there was inexplicable cornucopia (sorry, I had to do it!) of color, flora, and fauna. Flower-children met Paris fashion in Willhelm's draped and flowing collection. There were hints of tie-dye along with the blast of brightness and I guess, if you took each piece without the styling, it could be cute. The whole collection should've echoed the sensibility of the last look. It felt design-y and fashion-y, while the rest just sort of felt, well, tossed together. —REBECCA SUHRAWARDI AUSTIN

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