Dior's Other Creative Force

Basically what John Galliano brought to Dior's fashion business in terms of genius, color, flair and all-around amazingness, Tyen has brought to the cosmetics side, as its Creative Director since 1980. Just check out those eyes in the picture and the rainbow shot after the jump. Simply incredible. I've always been such a fan of the images created for the brand, and of course the products themselves. But I never new much about the man behind it all until I came upon a profile of Tyen in the latest issue of i-D. In a nutshell, he obsessed over Vogue while growing up in Vietnam in the '50s and 60s, moved to Paris at 17, and started doing makeup for the Paris Opera while he was attending Ecole des Beaux Arts. One opportunity led to another and now he's been at Dior for 30 years. I'll let a few of his own quotes give you a taste of what makes him so fabulous after the jump.

On whether he loves makeup or photography more (he also shoots many campaigns): "I can't choose. I love fashion, I love photos, I love layout, I love men, I love women, I love flowers. I love everything!" On why he loves purple: "When I was broke, the only flowers I could afford were violets...I didn't have money to buy orchids. The smell of violets will stay in my mind forever. My happiness back then was buying myself flowers because nobody gave me flowers." On muse Monica Belluci; "She's not a star; she's just a woman. She's a lucky star but she's not a star. She's a mum, she has a husband. She's living a real life. She eats like us, she drinks like us and she laughs like us." I highly recommend picking up the new issue. I think you'll find yourself dying to sit in a Parisian cafe and talk about beauty and life and art with him too.

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