Fashion's Big Bang

At the Agonovich presentation earlier (get to know that name because they're up-and coming and they are GOOD), I walked away with what is hands-down the best fashion show/party/event gift ever. It looks like a normal cane. Until you unscrew and twist off a cap and there is a telescope inside--a serious, functional, high-quality telescope. I'm still unsure of its fashion potential, but this is what I've come up with...

1. Use it when issued standing tickets at a show and you're stuck in the back and can barely see the clothes. 2. Go for a walk through the Tuileries when you don't get into Balenciaga and pause for spontaneous birdwatching. 3. Become a peeping Tom (not a creepy one!) and spy on your perfect French neighbors. 4. Start moonlighting as an astronomer. But even if I just look at it, it's cool. —REBECCA SUHRAWARDI AUSTIN

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