Istanbul (Not Constantinople) at Dice Kayek

Dice Kayek rocks my world. But that's because I am a complete sucker for pretty, red-carpet type dresses that are heavy on constriction and rich in fabric. In a nutshell, that's Dice Kayek. Most of her stuff is made-to-measure, created specifically for a customer, so no two are the same. You go in, choose a look you like, and work with her to make it happen the way you envision it. This collection was inspired by Istanbul and she used everything from the starry night sky to the domed roofs of the buildings. It was amazing to see and touch heavy duchesse satin in perfectly-molded folds or a dress made of little metal plates which I expected to be sharp but instead was smooth, soft and flexible. But you most definitely have to pay for that sort of quality. Something simple would start at about $1000 and the more complicated pieces get into the $7-10,000 range. So a sucker I shall remain.


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