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It's A Beautiful Day

Happy early birthday to me is what I thought when I opened up this email with V's latest beauty extravaganza. My former beauty editor heart definitely starts beating a little faster when a single story contains work by so many of my most favorite hairstylists, makeup artists, and photographers. And the models aren't too shabby either! Seriously check out just some of the people who gave their interpretations of what the definition of beauty will be in the next decade: Gucci Westman, Aaron de Mey, Didier Malige, James Kaliardos, Val Garland, Richard Burbridge, Miles Aldridge, Jimmy Paul, Julien d'Ys, Mario Sorrenti. The list goes on and on and their work is completely outstanding.

I never worked at a magazine where I could be this wildly creative with hair and makeup but man does it sound fun as hell. Plus it's almost Halloween so it seems like the perfect time to admire this sort of genius handiwork. Enjoy!

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