Nick Knight, How Do We Love Thee?

Let us count just five of the ways... 1. Your new retrospective book, Nick Knight, is phenomenally gorgeous. (The publisher sent us a copy but you can buy it starting on October 27th for $75, which is actually not a bad deal at all.) 2. Picking out which smattering of pictures to scan was incredibly hard but really fun. Thanks for making our morning so much better. 3. We forgot how much we truly died over that 2000 Dior campaign with a dirt-covered Angela Lindvall. Love, love, love. 4. You can do super high concept and impeccably simple equally well. What a gift. 5. SHOWstudio is totally badass and changing the industry in important and innovative ways. Just keep doing what you're doing. Thanks! A few more of our favorite shots from the book after the jump. (UPDATE: We had to switch out a few of our scans due to some copyright issues...sorry!)

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