Nightcap: Close Encounters

So last night, Versace and the Whitney threw a very fancy party. There was a dinner where people like Donatella (of course), Shakira, Gerard Butler, and other patrons of the arts got together upstairs at the museum. There was also a downstairs party where they all made their way afterward. I got the chance to see the beginnings of this charity endeavor with Donatella back in July, and it was so nice to see the children's art displayed on actual handbags that will be sold to raise money for the Starlight Children's Foundation and the One Foundation. Not for nothing, they created a graffiti wall where everyone could draw and have fun. So of course someone went for "balloon boy" and started sketching a CNN screen grab of America's latest reality travesty. Oy, America. But that's a discussion for another blog on another day... And of course, the usual fashion crowd was out in full effect—Alexa, Leigh, Peter, Hana, Fabiola, Alexandra, Amanda—but there was really only one star in the room—Chuck Close.

I proudly admit to dorking out in a way that I never have before when introducing myself to a person of note. But Mr. Close's daguerrotypes are on another level. And I was once an assistant who helped plan one of his shoots, so that made me feel like I just had to talk to him. Not my coolest moment ever, but I had to go all in. I have zero regrets. It was basically one of the best (short) conversations of my life. If you don't know his work, Google his name now! What makes me even happier is that the night raised so much money for the arts and so many kids who need the funds. And that Lindsay Lohan showed up, and everyone cared so very much more about Chuck. Yay. Art wins. Suck it TMZ.

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