Our Time in Edun

We all know Ali Hewson and that guy, Bono, she's married to are kind of saving the world--one microdebt and cause at a time. But seriously, they do really good work that makes me feel like a total loser for not doing enough. But I've got a little something we can do. Starting today exclusively at SaksFifthAvenue.com and edunonline.com, a special series of Edun tees that Ali designed in collaboration with artist Jo Ratcliffe will go on sale to benefit the War Child projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo. War Child's mission is to protect children in dangerous war zones around the world. I mean, if you've got a problem with that cause, you may just be dead inside. So, no buying a really fun zebra t-shirt does not even close fulfill my requirements for being a better person. But hey, it's a start.

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