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Purrfect Cat Eyes

Before we even saw the clothes at Rick Owens, we were obsessed with the major cat-eyes. Not to mention obsessed with the fact that none other than Karlie Kloss sat still for my camera so that I, in turn, could learn the brilliant secrets behind such perfect liner. You know that blue tape painters use when they paint trim on walls? That stuff that keeps a hard edge on the paint? Well those are the extreme measures to which they went for this eye. Except they did replace contractor's tape with Scotch, because yes, that blue tape would be a terrible idea. So the hard part here is setting the tape, not painting on the makeup. You literally take two pieces and create the border of the liner. Once that's the perfect shape, you just paint in between the lines. Then peel it off and voila! You're the next Karlie. And ok, you might not actually wear liner out to your temples, but it could be the best way to perfect your Halloween makeup, no? —REBECCA SUHRAWARDI AUSTIN

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