Roaring at the Met

Ed Note: And now for a quick break from all things Parisian! There's nothing I like more than a well-executed costume party, especially one that's Great Gatsby themed. (Because fashion and F. Scott together is unbeatable in my book.) So I was obviously jazzed about Thursday night's College Ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Guys and gals took the Met by storm in a party to rival those of Gatsby himself. The scene was that of a society ball: dancing, drinking, and nibbling on hors d'oeuvres; a perfect reprieve from crazy college life. My fashion expectations were set high for the night, thinking of John Galliano's FW07 and SS08 flapper collections and the revolutionary 1920s styles of Mlle Chanel.

It seemed though, that most missed the mark. Boys looked best in the Princeton Prep look (echoing Amory Blaine from F.Scott's other masterpiece This Side of Paradise), but most girls just couldn't grasp the chicness of the decade, instead opting for lace minis, high waisted skirts, and furs that were all very 2009. Not to mention the abundance of costume-shop jewelry that made even the nicest of outfits look tacky. While not quite fashion-forward, everyone put in a good effort and enjoyed a little Gatsby-themed fun and I was able to snap some pics of some of the evening's best.

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