Streetwalker: I Know What Boys Like

Eric & Aris, both 21, Photographer & Promoter Got Them: Hanging out on the corner of Prince & Crosby soaking up the single burst of sunshine. Stalked them: Because on this particularly windy afternoon, the biker jacket on the left and the torn sweater on the right were perfect protective layers. Shot Them: Because Eric's jacket fed our current leather addiction (which always hits when fall does). And when we got closer, it only got better. Aris has clearly mastered the art of mixing textures and accessories. These boys make hipster goth look good. Aris Said: "The sweater was a hand me down and so was the jewelry. And I wear these pants and boots everyday." Eric Said: "I really just pulled sh*t out of the closet." We said: Want to trade closets?

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