United Colors of Vintage

While attending Westlane Middle School back in the mid-late 80s, Benetton was everything. Well, that and Guess zipper leg jeans, tri-color Polo sweaters, rugby shirts, and Multiples and/or Units. Now I realize, I regularly tend toward the nostalgic (even more lately which may have something to do with my looming 34th birthday at the end of the month), but the release I just got about Benetton opening up their archives in November made me absolutely giddy. Seriously the cardigan sets, the short-sleeve turtleneck knits, the boat necks. I'm having major flashbacks. This fall I will totally be bringing these back into my wardrobe, with a slight twist on the styling of course, and minus the braces and bad bangs. Are the rest of you teens of the 80s with me?

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