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Wandering Aimlessly at Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake shows are always theater mashed with fashion. Last season, it opened and closed with professional martial artists, clad in Miyake's collection. This time around, the models (with no big names in the bunch) walked all about in different directions through the square space they called a runway--sometimes bumping into each other, which caused more than a few giggles in the crowd. It was a cool and rather otherworldly show though, with its waning and whining music. At the end, all the girls wandered toward the middle wearing the colorful collection and looking like a school of tropical fish swimming round and round. The clothes made me think, though, who is the woman who actually wears Miyake? Obviously, there is one since the line's been around forever. In my imagination she is smart, very well read, definitely artsy (or at least into the arts) and maybe even a full-on scholar. Anyone else care to pontificate on this topic? This collection was..well, for the Miyake woman. And, whoever she is, I bet she loved it. —REBECCA SUHRAWARDI AUSTIN

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