What Lindsay Did to the House of Ungaro

Oh boy. Ungaro. When Lindsay Lohan took her strut and bow down the runway, the word is, she had tears in her eyes (sorry guys, I wasn't close enough to see.) I guess it was an emotional process for her first fashion line consultation, and by the looks of it, her consultations were all over the collection. First of all, there was not a single gown in the collection. Not a one. Which was very un-Ungaro-like. And there were a lot of skintight mini dresses, also very un-Ungaro-like. You know, come to think of it, the whole thing was very un-Ungaro-like. Emanuel Ungaro learned how to be a designer directly under Cristobal Balenciaga, and whether you liked Ungaro's work or not, the man knew what he was doing when it came to clothes. He was one of my lecturers at Saint Martins and he, as a designer, is freaking brilliant and I will always hold him in the highest regard. And now the house, built on the name of a man who had a knowledge of design and construction that just simply cannot be taught, is (partially) under the direction of Lilo. Draw your own conclusions.


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