Backstage at VS: Breakfast & Bras

"Everyone just expects me to jump now. I think they just think I jump naturally, like put me in great shoes and I jump," said Caroline Trentini backstage at the Victoria's Secret show this afternoon. "Will you ever not jump?" "No! I mean, as long as people ask me to jump, I'll jump!" Once I got that all-important question out of the way, I ran around the room and asked a handful of our favorite girls two critical questions: 1. What'd you have for breakfast? 2. What are you wearing to tonight's after party? Chanel Iman said she ate eggs, bacon, potatoes, cereal and fruit. I would have said, "Don't lie," but I wasn't in the mood to pick a fight with an angel and she followed with, "I think eating is sexy." She wants to wear the Valli dress she wore down his runway, but if it doesn't show up, she's sure she can find something "super sexy to wear with my fabulous boots." Julia Stegner's wearing Herve Leger, surprise! (There were two camps of girls, the ones wearing Herve and the ones specifically not wearing Herve because everyone else is wearing Herve.) She's not a breakfast person, but "I had pomegranate seeds this morning! Only because I'm on antibiotics and I have to eat something."

Doutzen ate eggs and fruit, "I'm still weighing options for tonight! I really love Elise Overland...leaning toward that." (By the way, Caroline had a muffin and tonight she's going, "short, sexy, probably Alex Wang.") Most impressive, breakfast wise, was Liu Wenn. She loves to cook, "I made Chinese food. Noodles, they're my favorite." As for tonight, she's wearing "sexy black Alex Wang with YSL shoes." As for Eniko, I believe her, "I had a huge coffee, and a small piece of fruit." She wanted to wear Herve tonight, but "I think the problem with this is that more than 50% of the girls will wear it! So my other favorite designer is Alexander Wang." (Little does she know everyone not in Herve will be in Wang.) I skipped over poor Abbey Lee, she's not feeling well, checked out the $3 million Damiani bra and looked unsuccessfully for Heidi Klum and her latex outfits before running out into the rain. More on the actual show, tomorrow morning!

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