Bilson Bows to Fashion

Rachel Bilson's in the new Flaunt (which is amazing by the way, more to come) looking pretty damn fashion-y. Bilson might be one the of the few starlets we'd rather just abandon Hollywood and movie-making altogether, admit her love for fashion overpowers any other interest and take those leather Phillip Lim gloves from editorial to real life. She says: "New York is more inspiring, I think, than L.A. And you're definitely closer to the fashion pulse. You see girls walking down the street, and they look amazing. They're not afraid. No one gives a fuck." "Like, I love trees. I notice trees. It's a weird thing for me because L.A.'s my home, but now I represent something very different, so it's bizarre." "She [Diana Vreeland] was so cool and innovative, and at her time, what she did with Harper's and what she wore, her columns and everything were so unique."

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