Dear Diary: Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart, the model who's landed both Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue and the cover of Australian Vogue, headed home to Australia to shoot the summer lookbook for Seafolly. Since we couldn't go with her, we asked her to keep a diary of her day for some insight into model life. Enjoy! On Location: Sydney, Australia shooting Seafolly swimwear’s second collection, available March 2010. Jess Hart here! Ready to start the newest campaign for Seafolly swimwear. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get on set in Sydney, and then finally back to Melbourne to see my fam! Fashionista's asked me to keep a diary, so here’s a peek inside my crazy life… 8 AM Finally! I land in Melbourne, following my flight from NY, the fastest turnaround in LA, 3 great movies and a little catnap.

I have to make sure I text my man, Nicolas and my parents that I landed. I’m so excited to see the family tonight - I’ve not been back home in Melbourne for WAY too long! 12pm Fittings, fittings, more fittings. I’ve been asked to be the face of the Melbourne Fashion Week, I’m also walking the runway for the Myer show. 4pm Got a full brief on my trip, with all the info about the Seafolly photo shoot, and the other fun events I get to attend…can’t wait! Main job is the Seafolly high summer campaign. I’m SO happy to be back home for this! Shooting for Seafolly hardly feels like work. I get to wear all of the glamorous and colourful pieces that Australia’s favorite swim line is known for, travel back to Australia to shoot on some of the most exclusive beaches, and soak up the sun and sand! Australia is really unbelievable; there is honestly no place like this! And it’s such a needed break from the cold New York weather…it’s nice to escape, even for just a bit! 4am Up and at ‘em. Sometimes jet lag can be a good thing, weirdly don’t feel too terrible after the trip and my VERY EARLY alarm call! Getting myself together to board the 6am plane to beautiful Sydney for the Seafolly shoot….looks like the traveling continues, at least for bit longer!

7.30am Oh, my! Location is seriously amazing! I’m looking right at this unbelievable house just near the pacific in Sydney’s super cool Eastern suburbs. It’s stunning, kind of giving off that whole Mexican Cabana vibe. Time to get beautiful, with the help of makeup artist extraordinaire, Sarah Tammer, to help me out with that. She works her magic and gets my face looking fresh, dewy, and most importantly, camera ready! Don’t know what I’d do without her! And now on to the hair. Sarah’s styling it in natural, tousled waves…giving me that summery, sexy, relaxed look…seriously love it! I really wish I could pack her in my suitcase and take her back to New York with me…I can’t get enough of this beachy, carefree style. 8.30AM Still sitting thru hair and makeup...it’s seriously amazing how long it takes to get everything ‘right’ for the camera. Guess I’ll just focus on Twittering (@ 1jessicahart), and watching the waves to pass time. But I really can’t complain, it’s a gorgeous day…. 9AM I just got to take a peek at all of the Seafolly suits I get to wear today…and I SERIOUSLY love them all, maybe I’ll get to keep a few too! Hmmm, so let’s see, my favorite suits would have to be the Garden Party cute black and gorgeous floral print two piece, perfect for the hot Aussie summer. Too bad it’s turning cold in New York and I won’t get to wear them for a while…I guess there’s always the vacation option.

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9.30AM Enter Valerie Wong, dear friend and stylist. We became friends on the last Seafolly shoot and she’s a greatly talented stylist. She can pull together pieces and create the coolest look you’ve ever seen. She drapes me with some hot-to-trot accessories, to die for bracelets, and to top it all off, hot pink nail varnish, LOVE it!! 10AM Finally done with all things prep related. David Gubert is shooting, we’ve worked together on more occasions than I can count on my fingers. Love him, his shots always have a real vibrancy and density to them. Our goal is to get 5 campaign shots for Seafolly, we end up shooting for 6 hours. The weather was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky, and a light breeze that helped add some dimension to the photos. I’d have to say my favorite part of the day (apart from getting to wear the most amazing swimsuits all day) was getting to hang out in the swing and hammock…it made me feel like I was a kid again! 4PM I say goodbye to all of my Seafolly friends…the crew, photographers and everyone from the Seafolly team who was there. What an awesome experience in an unbelievable location- I’m so lucky that I got the chance to work with them. Can you believe it takes 6 hours and 7 people to get the perfect shot? Hard to believe! Well, here’s to a great day! 6PM I’m pretty exhausted; it’s been a long few days of travel and work, but totally worth it! I enjoyed working with Seafolly so much, and can’t wait to rock their suits on my next vacation. Now it’s time to hop back on a plane to Melbourne for a home cooked meal, yippee!