Getting the Boot

We've been sent some weird stuff at Fashionista, but never have we ever been more perplexed by an accessory than we are by the legwarmer-sock-boot cover product known as "Bella Legs." The package arrived Monday; we're still gaping at it Wednesday. They're essentially legwarmers that widen at the bottom to fit over your boots (though they don't fit over my Frye boots) or heels. The kicker though, is the wide variety of styles. We've got an awful Burberry plaid knock-off, white cable knit, black lace, ruffled chiffon, rhinestoned fleur de lis, and the worst possible phrase we may ever utter on this blog: black, glitter, ruched faux fur with drawstrings. (Let's not pretend I didn't just run around the office pretending to be the Yeti.) But seriously, they're supposed to turn "one great looking pair of boots into an amazing collection of boots." Not that there's anything wrong with high socks or legwarmers; we love them a la Marni or Marc by MJ, but a) why can't this look be acheived with regular socks or legwarmers? and b) sometimes less, as in just one pair of boots, is more.

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