Glitter, You're My Lover

The holidays mean parties; in the next few weeks we'll be digging through our closets for the perfect party outfits. Luckily, December's British Vogue's given us a way to make those outfits better without breaking the bank. Glitter! Who doesn't love a little shine? Instead of a light smattering, makeup artist Lisa Eldridge says that the look should be “bold, simple and beautiful, with the rest of the face kept bare and natural.” This grown-up version of glitter looks best in jewel tones like emerald or cobalt, and in a solid block of color over the eyes instead of shadow or liner. We noticed it on a handful of SS10 runways like Louis Vuitton, Betsey Johnson, and Derek Lam and it works well in liquid liner, glitter eye pencil, or loose glitter pot form.

We're especially loving this photo with sparkles coming out from the corner of the eye because it kind of screams "special occasion." This, we will try - even though glitter sometimes brings back bad memories of our cheerleading days and 90’s pop stars - because it’s perfect for any holiday, birthday, or New Year’s bash. Worst case scenario, you get a little glitter in your eye, but we figure it’s a small price to pay.

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