Grey Gardens Glasses

To say I'm fairly obsessed with Grey Gardens is an understatement, and not at all uncommon in the fashion industry. I'm a fan of the entire body of work of filmmaker Albert Maysles. Really it's all just genius. However, until now I'd never thought much about his eyewear. The people over at Barneys, however, have been thinking about it a lot. In keeping with the retro glasses trend, they partnered with LA-based Barton Perreira to recreate Maysles' classic look. Barneys' EVP of Women's Merchandising Judy Collinson says, "We saw everyone wearing glasses that looked like Albert Maysles glasses. Instead of looking for the best glasses inspired by him, we thought why no have the real authentic Albert Maysles glasses. He is such an iconic, respected and beloved figure. (Plus he looks amazing in the glasses.)"

A pair of readers will sell for $350 and sunglasses for $365 with $25 from each sale going to the Maysles Institute. Apparently Maysles was totally into the idea and there will even be a red pair for spring inspired by the color of the sail on one of his toy boats. While fairly random, we like the whole idea. Because after all we know how hard it is to pick the right costume for the day. Little Edie would definitely approve.

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