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I Don't Care What Heidi Says, I Wanna Be A VS Model

There's already so much buzz surrounding the Victoria's Secret fashion show's return to New York that we kind of feel like we're prepping for an entire fashion week. This morning, the press trekked downtown to District (that building Amy Sacco's done something with) to meet the ten finalists in the Angel competition. After three weeks of Victoria's Secret boot camp, one will win a spot on the Armory's runway come November 19th. America picks the winner; there are, of course, cameras following the wannabe Angels everywhere and their boot camp webisodes will air on both and Voting opens to the public on November 9th. Now to the important part - the girls. They range in age from 18-year-old Katelyn from Boston who's never modeled a day in her life and happily confesses to stuffing her bra to 25-year-old Tika from Albania via Detroit who's been happily married for seven years.

But it's 20-year-old Krystina Holbrook who's getting our vote. The California-native screams Victoria's Secret and she likes to bake and lives in jeans and t-shirts. Plus, though all the girls are lovely, we grant tons of extra points for carrying on a proper conversation.

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