Live From Madison Avenue

Last night Barneys debuted their new holiday windows--an homage to Saturday Night Live (which is currently celebrating its 35th year on the air.) Simon Doonan and team have created papier-mâché tributes to favorite characters from over the years including the Coneheads, Mary Katherine Gallagher, Roseanne Roseannadanna, Pat, Gilly, Amy Poehler doing "Weekend Update", and of course Tina doing Sarah Palin. There are tons of cool little details to be found in the windows and we definitely suggest checking them out the next time you're uptown.

Inside on the first floor, pretty much the entire current cast (along with this week's host Joseph Gordon Levitt) mingled about drinking champagne at a party hosted by their boss Lorne Michaels, Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter, and Simon Doonan. It was definitely a fashion meets funny crowd which was a rather nice change of pace. Plus, it didn't hurt that just before leaving I realized I was about three feet away from Tina Fey, which pretty much made my week.

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