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To the Moon(boot) and Back

It's the week of the boot here at Fashionista. So while we're on the topic... Of all the super chunky, kind-of-ugly boots that have been conceived over the years, Uggs seem to be the lone survivor. They've been around forever and, much to the chagrin of many, are still in fairly high demand. Another super chunky, kind-of-ugly boot that once had a moment is the Moon Boot. I totally forgot about them until I saw this. And then I had a laugh remembering how silly my friends looked as they tried to stomp around in them. Once I stopped the giggling I thought, "Are Moon Boots making a comeback?" To which I briskly answered myself, "No, of course not."

Enter French Vogue. While perusing the pages of the November issue guess what I spotted? Moon Boots! (Along with a number of other super chunky, kind-of-ugly pairs.) They can no longer be ignored. But are they just super popular in Europe? Or are we going to start seeing them all over the place stateside, as well? What do you think? Are Moon Boots making a comeback? And are there any circumstances under which you'd wear them? So many questions!

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