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Life in a Lauren Moffatt Lookbook

We get stacks and stacks of lookbooks in our office, for the most part, they turn into tables on which we stack other stuff, or, if the backs are white, paper on which we write trivia etc. But sometimes, whether it's an Alexander Wang centerfold or an Edun USB stick, we'll post them on our wall, which looks like a college dorm, or find a way to use the images. When this Lauren Moffatt lookbook landed on our desk yesterday, we all wanted to jump in and live in Lauren Moffatt land. The spring lookbook's styled by Kate Lanphear, which half explains our love for it, but it's also full of perfect spring clothes and accessories in the shape of floppy hats, maybe animal ears and giant wooden platforms. Winter was fun for a week, but we're counting down the days til we can be tight-free.

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