Oscar's Fall

The trip uptown to Oscar De La Renta's pre-fall show was framed by Gemma Ward outside our office - khaki Hammer pants and black Doc Martens - and 50 Cent's brilliant Power commercial in the cab on the way back. Sandwiched in between was Oscar's Babushka doll-like collection. If the ladies who lunch went to Russia, they'd wear this. But even we'd wear the sequined, sequined and even more sequined looks. There were big paillettes on suits, tiny beaded discs on dresses and even square sequins on a pink strapless ball gown, the other pink ballgown was like ice cream sherbet come to life. There were patchwork pants and black lace dresses, as if they all coordinated with Anna's eggplant coat and Grace's flaming hair. If we had the body for high-waisted patchwork pants, we'd be finding a way to get these now.

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