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Pop Art = Prop Art Thanks to Gossip Girl

Finally, something's come around to satisfy the art history nerd, Gossip Girl addict (though this season is sub-par), and shopper in me. Thanks to a holiday miracle artist Richard Phillips, Gossip Girl, Intermix, and the Art Production Fund have come together to bring Pop Art to the masses. (Finally.) While Andy Warhol may be the King of Pop Art, Richard Phillips goes where no Warhol has gone before--Chuck Bass' bedroom. His large scale hyper-realistic portraits which most recently went on display this past spring at the New Museum, were featured on the show, hanging in the van der Woodsen stairwell and above Chuck's bed. Interested in putting Chuck's favorite painting above your bed?

It's now a possibility. Intermix is selling limited-edition, ink-jet canvas prints of the Phillips' paintings. The NYT reported it earlier and we've been swooning ever since. The prints for sale are of Phillips' Spectrum and Scout, and the asking price is only $250 which is pocket change in the world of art. So whether you want the chance to get your hands on something Gossip Girl, or your dying to jumpstart your art collection, this opportunity's too good to pass up.

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