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Debunking Myths About Fashion Week

PHOTO COURTESY JAK&JILFashion Week is getting closer, so we're starting to prep our site and our wardrobes. To help you get the best understanding of
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PHOTO COURTESY JAK&JILFashion Week is getting closer, so we're starting to prep our site and our wardrobes. To help you get the best understanding of life in the tents, I'm revealing the truth about five fashion week misconceptions. 1. Cocktail wear is necessary wear. Street style blogs will lead you to believe that everyone shows up in their Givenchy booties and minis, accessorized to the nines, when realistically most non-editors don their chicest casual wear. Think less right-off-the-runway Chanel and more Wang mixed with TopShop and vintage. The point is to look cool, effortless, and most importantly practical. Bryant Park is one of the busiest places I’ve ever been--there are people hustling and shoving, all the while putting on their best “photograph-me” faces. As someone who has been squished between strangers in line for check-in while wearing five inch heels and a mini-dress, believe me, it’s not the best situation. 2. You have to wear the designer whose show it is. Going to Marc in Marc or Zac in Zac may seem like a great idea to pay homage to the designer and make sure your outfit is stylish, but who has the time for all those costume changes? When dressing for fashion week you should look like the best version of you, not an ad. Designers know what their clothes look like. It’s better to have on something cute and original that will set you apart than to look like you just walked off the runway.

3. Fashion people are scary. I promise you this is absolutely not true. For my first official fashion week last September I was literally shaking in my booties, convinced everyone was going to give me the evil eye. So false. Every person I interacted with was a delight, from the photogs in the pit to the designers I snuck backstage to talk to. If you are polite and happy, then everyone will be happy to meet you. Self-importance is the worst trait. Don’t walk into the tents like you’re the second coming of Diana Vreeland. 4. Fashion week is all fun and parties, never stressful. With all the party photos from fashion week you’d think no one ever does any work. Sure fashion week is fun, but it’s also our job. Designers, editors, journalists, PR people, models, and photogs are there for work. Here at Fashionista we go to every show, which means by day three we can’t feel our feet and we’re OD-ing on Emergen-C and caffeine. Running from the tents to Milk during the day and hitting parties at night for a week is like running a marathon. Just another reason to remember to bring comfy shoes and to try rocking the boyfriend jean. I guarantee you’ll be happier. 5. You need a town car, driver, and Starbucks cup to be let in. Fashion Week obviously attracts the most important people in the fashion industry, but there are more “normal” people there than you’d think. I take the subway to every show, as do a ton of other industry people. Some of my favorite acquaintances from Fashion Week weren’t high-powered fashion royalty, but super-cool guys and gals there to see the sights and have a good time.

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