Don't Dry Your Eyes

Natalie Portman graces the cover of Elle UK's February issue. I love Natalie -- over the past few years I have found myself completely taken with her elfin beauty and her down-to-earth charm. This morning Fashion Gone Rogue posted images of the full editorial, so I took a look. While the styling leaves something to be desired (feminine, but nothing exciting), the beauty is entirely fulfilling. The hair is tousled, the brow is dark and the eye is wet. We've seen this dewy eye thing done before, and the end result often makes the model look sick and flu-ish. But something about this particular one just looks so perfect. I think it's the dark shadow underneath this eye balm that sets it apart. The effect is austere while somehow still soft. It's dark, but utterly feminine. It's like the perfect winter statement eye.

My morning makeup routine is pretty simple, most certainly due to my lack of makeup application skills. Every time I try to do something dark on myself I come out looking like I've been sweeping chimneys. Though this is definitely inspiring me to improve on said skills. What do you think? Would you try a dark wet eye?

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