Fashion Photographers: Six Sharp Shooters Who Have Really Caught Our Eye

Zoey GrossmanAfter studying photography in college, Zoey decided to pursue it full-time post graduation. Now she's been shooting professionally for two and a half years, with aspirations of becoming a fashion photographer. Her images run the gamut from soft and romantic to crisp and minimal. Zoey's far-ranging style is only matched by her extensive talent. Based on her pictures, we have no doubt that Zoey will make her dream a reality." ?> William HerefordWilliam has been a professional photographer for two years. His style is quintessentially American--Scott Schuman meets Annie Leibovitz. Like Scott and Annie, William's work has been predominantly portraiture. But his interests have shifted, and he'd like to move towards fashion photography. We fully support this venture and are excited to see where William goes next." ?> Adrian NinaAdrian's impressed us with his comprehensive talent. The photographer has been capturing moments for as long as he can remember. And no matter what he shoots--whether they're stunning portraits or simple snapshots of New York City scenery--Adrian manages to make it beautiful. We can't say enough good things about this young man, and we think he's bound to make it big.See more of Adrian's work at www.adriannina.com." ?> Kaeko ShabanaKaeko started experimenting with photography when she was in high school. Back then, she used a point and shoot camera. These days, Kaeko's honed her skill with a better camera and years of study at school. The result has been a collection of dreamy images that would be perfectly suited for a dreamy editorial. Grace Coddington, are you listening?See more of Kaeko's work at www.kaekoshabana.com." ?> Luis De Los SantosWe're overwhelmed by Luis' photos--from the elaborate sets to the tension and energy of the models, his work is captivating. The highly saturated, chaotic images seem like a nod to Miles Aldridge and David LaChapelle. It's hard to believe that Luis is only 19 years old. He produces all his shoots himself and with his friends, so we can't even begin to fathom the wonder he could create with a magazine's budget and top models." ?> Petra Van RaaijPetra has already had a notable career--she's photographed for Glamour, GQ and Marie Claire. And compared to the others we've listed, she's been shooting the longest. In 1999 while on a makeup assignment in Cape Town (she used to be a freelance makeup artist), Petra decided to put down the brush set and pick up a camera. It must have felt right because she now shoots around the world, focusing her craft in beauty and lingerie. Even though she's not \"new\" to photography, we couldn't resist including her on the list. Petra's pictures are stunning, and we would love to see her segue into high fashion editorials. She'd be perfect for iD, don't you think?See more of Petra's work at www.petravanraaij.com." ?>

We're always happy to discover new talent, especially when they're as good as the group we've found. We came across six photographers whose work we think is particularly impressive. Zoey Grossman, William Hereford, Adrian Nina, Kaeko Shabana, Luis De Los Santos and Petra Van Raaij have a knack for photography (and a good eye, of course). Their work is beautiful, alluring and captivating. If they're this young and this talented, we can't wait to see what they can do in a few years time. We're anticipating big things for these young photographers.

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