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Live Blogging the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

The only thing we've ever live blogged is a Marc Jacobs show, but if we're going to tackle red carpet fashion, it's going to be the Grammy's. Celebrit

The only thing we've ever live blogged is a Marc Jacobs show, but if we're going to tackle red carpet fashion, it's going to be the Grammy's. Celebrities will hit the red carpet in minutes, but what do we know so far? Lady Gaga's nominated for five awards, she's opening the show with Elton John and she'll wear Armani Prive all night long. Giorgio calls her "a soundtrack of our times" and he's designed a handful of outfits to last her from start to finish. Gaga says, "The series of pieces Mr. Armani created for me are truly iconic." Our stream of consciousness after the jump!

Britt: Is the red carpet on CBS, too? Lauren: No, it's on E! B: You're on your own then, though I found this. Is it last years? L: This looks like livestreaming! B: right?? but does that mean they started already? i feel like a ditz, but i don't get it L: omg neither do I maybe they are live streaming it but then airing this evening but that doesn't make sense who would actually watch it at night then B: i have no idea it says 52nd grammys and these are the 52nd L: yeah--it must be it B: and taylor swift just won she didn't win last year L: fuck B: everywhere i look it says they start at 8. i feel like someone's playing a prank on me L: I think it does air at 8, but it's probably pre-recorded. This girl from wayne's world CANNOT be the host. B: omg, Tia carrere??? L: This is the technical grammys!!! B: wow, I am a ditz. Ok i'll be back when the awards start. L: Later. 6.22 pm L: Kathy Griffin is wearing Carolina Herrera SAMPLE sale. Hilarious. Robert Verdi dressed her. The dress is run-of-the mill but the story behind it makes up for mediocrity. Wow, Jill Goodacre is definitely not afraid of Botox. She's wearing a pretty black dress though, with short ruffled satin sleeves. Wonder if she'll be the last supe to walk tonight's red carpet. 6.32 pm L: The members of MGMT are each wearing amazing printed suits, some plaid, some Ikat. Love. Really, I'm not even going to bother commenting on Jay from America's Next Top Model's sequined blazer. ATTENTION: Gaga has arrived. Is that really Armani Prive? Yes, Joe Zee has confirmed via Twitter. It looks like, to quote Ryan Seacrest, "a solar system." It's also kind of like a sparkly croquembouche. Is the spiky thing she's holding in her hand a purse? This might be the runway look it was inspired by this runway look.

6.50 pm L: Imogen Heap's dress has its own Twitter feed. I don't really get what that means, but here's a picture of the dress:

Katy Perry. Eek. It's Zac Posen. Wow. She's definitely going to be on EVERY worst-dressed list. Lea Michele looks adorable. It's very "safe" but very cute. She's wearing Romona Keveza. Wow, Fergie's dress is actually pretty cute! (Update: it's Pucci SS2010.) Keri Hilson is wearing a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana dress with an exquisite jeweled waist. Not loving the purple eyeshadow. 7.22 pm L: Above the knee, Pink's dress is beautiful. Below the knee? Well...just don't look down there. Really like Jennifer Hudson's sculptural dress. Miley Cyrus looks age-appropriate and not too trashy. Impressive. Apparently she's going to be in a movie with Demi. Nicole Kidman in black satin Prada. Snooze. (Not to say it's not pretty, but it's very typical Nicole Kidman.) Love Taylor Swift's off-the-shoulder dress. The neckline detailing is really unique. Her hair, jewelry, makeup is beautiful. Beyonce is wearing Stephane Rolland couture. Haven't decided whether I love it or hate it on her body type. But the handwork is pretty incredible. Sheryl Crow is in a burgundy Bottega Veneta. Simple but beautiful. 7.45 L: Ciara in a wild black Givenchy. Guess she really is Ricardo's new muse. Rihanna's dress is Elie Saab. Wild for him, tame for her. 8.03 B: So what does it mean that Armani made this? Did he get to sew his name inside? Because this green leotard is Gaga, not Giorgio. Elton's earring is amazing. Why are they dirty? 8.15 B: J.Lo's dress looks uncomfortable. 8.27 B: (Beyonce was on 60 Minutes before this.) Love the Prada-esque gladiator outfit she's wearing to perform. To perform ALANIS! Amazing. 8.44 B: Why is Pink naked? This feels inappropriate. I feel old saying this, but it feels like just yesterday that J.Lo's Versace was ultra-scandalous. Is MGMT really nominated for Best New Artist? Weren't they new a couple of years ago? 8.59 B: The press releases are rolling in - Beyonce performed in Versace, Britney's in Dolce, so is Taylor Swift, J.Lo's in Atelier Versace (that didn't even look great on Lily Donaldson), Miley's wearing Herve Leger, and Heidi Klum's in Pucci, too. New York Magazine just posted red carpet images -- if you still haven't seen. 9.18 B: Did you catch Lily Aldridge when they zoomed in on Kings of Leon? Love that lace Phillip Lim. 9.45 B: It's hard to remember to live blog while Tweeting - but seriously, why did Taylor Swift put on a tunic? She looked great. Meanwhile, Stevie Nicks looks fantastic. 10.10 B: Where are the rest of Gaga's outfits? I thought we were getting five... Rihanna's the highlight so far, that and Gaga's first Armani. Overall, I'm bummed. Everyone looks boring. 10.39 B: There are no dresses left to look at - so I'm out. We'll post our best dressed tomorrow!

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