Steven Meisel and His 80-Page Ed


Vogue Italia has become synonymous with Steven Meisel. After all, he has shot every cover of the magazine since 1988. His most recent editorial for the Italian glossy--titled Runway--goes way beyond the scope of photo essay and straight into photo novel. The spread is a remarkable 80 pages in length and features a colorful collage of his favorite backstage and runway candids. And they aren't the typical runway photos you see on; these are more along the lines of models falling down and throwing fits. I can look at fashion images for days, but I'm curious to know what the average Vogue Italia reader thinks about such a hefty editorial. The average reader, I'm guessing, is a 30-something Italian woman. Can an 80-page spread hold attention to the end, even when it's filled with fun images? And Lauren brought up another interesting point: how do the ad pages in this issue compare with last year's of the same month?