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The Good Life

While walking down Rue Abdel Wahab in Beirut (to the best mezze I've ever had at restaurant Abd el Wahab), my sister landed inside a shiny new store, The Good Life. It’s a sneaker shop, which would grab her attention. The store sells limited editions Nikes and Converse, they’re the only ones with Middle Eastern distribution rights, and a handful of sweatshirts and shorts designed by the owner. But the best part, the part that kept me entertained while she chose between black high tops and green high tops, was the ingenious way in which they're going to display the shoes - in toilets.

They’d lined the store with five or six pots and plan on replacing the plastic lids with transparent glass and displaying the shoes inside (they just opened ten days ago, so the owner's working on it). And though I'd rather spend my money on platforms than sneakers, there's nothing like a clever presentation to make me want to buy something I'd usually ignore.

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