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What to Buy for Valentine's Day, Even If You're Ignoring It

bra & panties from Net-a-Porter" ?> boxers" ?> Coin Purse." ?> Sandalwood Set." ?> Pictures & Taschen's 1,000 Dessous." ?> SS10 Bag." ?> Pail of Plenty." ?> Instant Camera" ?> Tie Clip." ?> Heart Sunglasses" ?> Handcuffs and Whip" ?> Anniversary Tote" ?> 38 Lashes and Essie Nailpolish in Lilacism and Chinchilly." ?> Evening Bag." ?> Bandage Top and Skirt" ?> Glamourpuss Oversized Tee" ?>

Valentine's Day falls smack in the middle of Fashion Week, so we've built a list of things to put you in the mood today instead.

Do you like pink and red and conversation hearts and doilies? Check. Prefer whips and handcuffs? Check. Wish your boyfriend dressed like Don Draper? Check. Think the whole thing's ridiculous, but we'll take any excuse to shop? Double Check.

Click through for our essential shopping guide, but beware, we're not really the Hallmark type.

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