Ashish for Topshop, Take Two

Ashish's leopard print wedges are still sitting on the shelf of New York's Topshop, but his second collection hits stores next week, February 3rd. There are massive wedges - this time gold with three buckles - and enough spikes to prevent you from ever getting on an airplane (especially if worn with Louise Goldin for Topshop shoes). But why are there sweatpants? If, as a mega-store, we hired a young talent to design a capsule collection and he came back with a cropped sweatshirt, sweatpants and gym shorts all in the same grey jersey (that's three out of a seven piece collection) we'd be pissed. Though if you haven't already snagged a pair from Isabel Marant or Alex Wang or American Apparel or J.Crew or Target or anywhere else, now's your chance.

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