Ashish for Topshop, Take Two

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Ashish's leopard print wedges are still sitting on the shelf of New York's Topshop, but his second collection hits stores next week, February 3rd. There are massive wedges - this time gold with three buckles - and enough spikes to prevent you from ever getting on an airplane (especially if worn with Louise Goldin for Topshop shoes). But why are there sweatpants? If, as a mega-store, we hired a young talent to design a capsule collection and he came back with a cropped sweatshirt, sweatpants and gym shorts all in the same grey jersey (that's three out of a seven piece collection) we'd be pissed. Though if you haven't already snagged a pair from Isabel Marant or Alex Wang or American Apparel or J.Crew or Target or anywhere else, now's your chance.