Ten Songs Designers Should Use On the Runway This Fashion Week

Fashion show music is often neglected by reviewers, rarely mentioned to the outside world. But runway music can make or break a show's success. Most d

Fashion show music is often neglected by reviewers, rarely mentioned to the outside world. But runway music can make or break a show's success. Most designers choose happy, fun dance music to get the audience's attention, while others goes for a more subdued, beautiful vibe. Either way, here are ten songs we hope turn up on the runways.

1. Mogwai - Like Herod

If a designer is going for major impact, this is the song. While it starts out understated and quiet, the crescendo is so dramatic that the first time I heard it my heart literally stopped. I only wish there were Rodarte dresses walking during it.... Kate and Laura, think about it.

2. Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words

Runway music is about having the newest, coolest song, and what's cooler than Radiohead's most recent playing behind your collection? "These Are My Twisted Words" is so new, it's not even on an album yet. Alex Wang, Radiohead's edgiest tunes are sure to enhance your Wall Street-inspired collection. And even better, you can download the song for free by clicking the above link.

3. Pomegranates - Thunder Meadow

Happy, pop-y, catchy: These are all adjectives that could be used to describe at least 85% of the songs you'll hear at a fashion show. That's why "Thunder Meadow" is so perfect for a fun show like Charlotte Ronson or The Blonds. Not to mention it will be incredibly hard to get out of your head.

4. So Percussion - White

Experimental percussion might not be on top of everyone's play list, but New York quartet So Percussion makes symphonies out of staplers, marimbas, and toy pianos that are captivating and beautiful. "White" evokes the heavenly aura that Marc Jacobs usually goes for with its Brian Eno arranged music.

5. Sonic Youth - Antenna

Speaking of Marc Jacobs, his favorite's new album "The Eternal" is full of tracks worthy of the runway. From its release, "Antenna" stood out from the rest with its rises and falls; the perfect beat to play alongside Natasha's stomping stride.

6. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Dandelion

Charlotte Gainsbourg is a fashion darling. Fresh off of her Balenciaga ads, we think her song "Dandelion" is just the tune to play on Balenciaga's runway. It exudes chic like no other song, and is bound to be immediately loved by editors and models alike.

7. Alphabeat - Boyfriend

Boyfriend is just another song following the happy, popular formula, but we think Alphabeat could be the new MGMT for FW10. Alphabeat has the groove, kitsch, and joy to make it on all the major runways. And it's fun to sing along to, meaning it'll have all the models dancing backstage.

8. Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un autre été: L'après-midi

Just about everyone will agree that Amelie is an incredible film. There's no denying that Yann Tiersen's soundtrack helped make the movie the enchanting, captivating work of art it is. "Comptine d'un autre été: L'après-midi" is a beautiful piano song that would bring out the best of Dior, John Galliano, or Lanvin. Basically any Parisian label.

9. Animal Collective - Fireworks

There's always some Animal Collective at the cool kids' shows in New York, but we'd love to hear more. The sound gets the audience's attention, but it's not distracting enough to take away form the clothes. And while Merriweather Post Pavillion is AC's newest album, "Fireworks" will always be our favorite AC song.

10. The Sword - Freya

This one holds a special place in our hearts. Sure, there are plenty of songs that share a name with a famous model, but no song, nor any model, is quite as intense, headbanging, or truly metal as The Sword's "Freya" or Freja Beha Erichsen herself. This song made the list because we're all hoping that some designer catches on and switches to "Freya" right as the other Freja walks the runway. We think she's deserving of a theme song, no?